Welcome to "KUSUDAMA HEART"!

 The concept is " The KUSUDAMA affecting our hearts "

I aim to make KUDUDAMAs letting us feel beauty and the dynamism

such as cut the scene of the Nature.

 The keyword is " texture " and " polyhedron "

I want to pursue " The KUSUDAMA affecting our hearts "

with the geometric beauty which polyhedrons have and

the decoration by form and the design which origami creates.



 My name is Tomoaki Yano. I live in Yokohama, Japan.

I am a computer engineer of a Japanese Company.

 One day I learned a BOX of modular origami with my daughter

at the local event several years ago.

This is the opportunity for me that began origami.

Origami does not cost so much, and be able to enjoy over the generations.

It suit me very much.

Because I like DIY basecally, I was attracted to Origami completely!

 "Kusudama" has some meanings in Japan. Written as "久寿玉” in Kanji is my favorite.

"久" means "forever", "寿" means "happiness" and "玉" means "gem".

What a happy words !